THANK YOU FOR READING MY PAGE!! My decision to run for the Board of Education can be narrowed down to 3 reasons. To make schools an integrated community resource and to create a safe haven environment in our schools, to provide vocational education opportunities, and to make "Critical Thinking" a core concept in teaching.

1. I want every school age child in this county to have the full access to the tools they need to LEARN! I want them to say with pride and joy every day "I LOVE MY SCHOOL!" I want them mentally, emotionally, and physically ready, willing, and able to LEARN. I want every school to be a "Safe School!" When a member of that campus enters their building I want them to feel the same sense of security they feel when they go home and close their bedroom door behind them. Every member of the campus community should know that their school is a safe place that is ready, willing and able to help with any mental, emotional, or physical needs they may have. Every teacher, student, administrator, staff, or neighbor needs to know that every school is a resource to the community. We will protect our community by knowing that everyone in our community are empowered to be their best.

2. I want every school age child in this county to know that nothing will hinder their ability to be their best!! I want them to know that while on our bus, or in our school, or involved in an educational experience, the only thing they need to focus on is being their best. Whether they want to be the best academic student, or the best class clown, I will work to give them the tools they need. Every student will foster as a core value the simple truth that no one has a right to hinder any student from their right to be their best. No student should be bullied, threatened, demeaned, or disrespected. No student should worry about being fed, or about the clothing they wear. No student should worry about access to the internet, or having the supplies they need to learn. Every student will be given the guidance and tools they need to fully express themselves in appropriate and productive ways. From being a comedian, to an actor, to a plumber, to an electrician, to a computer coder, to an Ivy League scholar, we will work to give all of our students the tools they need to reach their goals.

3. I want every student to learn the methodology of "critical thinking" as a basic core value. We will shift our curriculum development away from text books and opinions and empower our students to analyze facts and data with their own tools of critical thinking. Learning to think, is not the same as learning facts. I want our student body to be independent thinkers. Technology and society are changing at very rapid rates, our children need to have the tools to adjust their understanding of the world, and critical thinking is key to achieve that goal.